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Cabinet Henderson has developed experience and know-how with respect to:

    • French subsidiaries of overseas companies
    • Owners (individuals or companies) of French second homes or investment properties
    • Individuals moving to France to start a new career (employed or self-employed) or to retire
    • Self-employed people living in France and working for foreign clients
    • Salaried employees/Directors working in France for a foreign employer
    • International tax treaties and double taxation relief claims


Our professional approach for the provision of international tax advice


  1. Defining a client's residency, which depends entirely on the facts, is a prerequirement;
  2. Determining the French rules within the international agreements applicable regarding tax and social security matters depending on the personal circumstances of the client;
  3. Agreeing on-going services: we provide tax and advisory services only to clients for whom we are retained to prepare regular tax declarations.